Meeting Notes – February 7, 2017

Baynton Hill Neighbors Meeting – February 7, 2017


Neighbors present: Kathy, Priscilla, Rick, Joe, Lindsay


Topics and announcements:

Tree Philly tree giveaway event

Boys & Girls Club redevelopment proposal

Wister House and Little Wakefield House historic nominations

Unpermitted work next to community garden

Spring neighborhood clean up

Ideas for a stronger neighbors group

Coffee shop at GFS

Guest speaker at next meeting


Tree giveaway

  • Organizations can host tree giveaways for their neighborhoods, receive $500 and some support to coordinate the event. Might be too much work for BHN, and may not be able to distribute enough trees.
  • Wondering if they are yard trees only or street trees too? Could we plant a bunch of trees along Rufe St. to prevent dumping?


Boys & Girls Club

  • There is a proposal floating around to build a hockey rink at the Boys & Girls Club on the 100 block of West Penn
  • Neighbors attending a Penn Knox meeting oppose the hockey rink at this location and want to push for it to be built elsewhere
  • Neighborhood concerns are the removal of the existing field which gets used often, narrow street/access issues, the need to run a driveway through the community garden, and general improper use of a quaint neighborhood street
  • Proponents may be seeking to recreate fond childhood memories and provide an opportunity for kids
  • Developer has a demolition permit already from Zoning but not from Building, so the Historic Commission still has an opportunity to object which would halt the project


Wister and Little Wakefield House Historic Nominations


Unpermitted work next to community garden

  • Construction work happening in the lot next to the Church Ln. Community Garden, on Church between Baynton and Wakefield
  • Cleared trees, and have built onto the structure that was there
  • Possibly are mixing biodiesel? Properly? Stuff being dumped onto ground, we don’t know if it’s hazardous.
  • L & I hasn’t been helpful, said they couldn’t see that anything was happening
  • Has been difficult to reach owner


Spring Neighborhood Clean Up: Saturday, April 8

  • Lindsay and Priscilla will work out much of the details together, and bring to the next meeting which falls right before the clean up. Anyone else wants to organize?
  • Lindsay/Ross backyards as possible meeting spot
  • We want to make more of an event, have snacks and refreshments in meeting spot
  • Kathy will put us in touch with the Wakefield/Bringhurst neighbors group so we can potentially coordinate efforts


Ideas for a stronger neighborhood group

  • Create committees to disperse responsibility/power? Meet during the off months between BHN meetings
  • Vary the format and content of meetings



  • The coffee shop at GFS is open to the public, just need to sign in at front desk: The Open Door (a branch of High Point), hours something like 8am-5:30pm currently, open til 7:30 maybe starting in April
  • The next meeting will have a guest speaker about saving money on taxes and water bills
  • Next meeting: Tuesday, April 4 @ 7:00, location TBD