Meeting Notes – August 2, 2016

Neighbors present: Joe, Evelyn, Nate, Veronica (Goldie), Al, Janice, Lindsay, Ross, Rick



A deer hunting camera to catch illegal dumping on Rufe St.

Waring House nominated for historic designation

Surveys and getting more neighbors involved

Stray cat program


Rufe St. camera

  • Ross purchased a deer hunting camera to put on Rufe St. up near the train tracks where illegal dumping is really bad
    • Joe and Ross have since installed the camera (see attached photo!)
    • Camera is battery operated, motion-sensing, takes photos that will be stored to SIM card so someone will have to check periodically
  • Joe has contacted Cindy Bass’ office a few times without much reply so we are on our own to solve the problem
  • Idea to contact one of the news stations


Waring House

  • Joe completing paperwork to nominate the property for historic designation, will write a letter of support for the nomination from the neighbors group
  • Neighbors are concerned about poor and worsening condition of the property
  • Currently is used as a site to provide free meals for children and historically has been a more active community center


Neighbor involvement

  • Lindsay distributed and emailed surveys for interested neighbors to complete to find new ways of coming together (link is still available in the email)
  • We are again wondering where our block captains are at, who are they, how do we get them to meetings?
    • If you know who your block captain is, see if they’ll come out!
    • If anyone wants to become a block captain, Joe or Lindsay can send you the application through the city
  • Al made note that “canvassing,” getting out and talking to your neighbors is the best way to get the word out and increase the involvement
  • Would like to organize a community event for September– idea to do this on Rufe St. to make more of a statement
  • Idea to do reminder phone calls or even provide a call-in option for meetings (like conference calling)
  • Evelyn mentioned a website called


Stray cat program

  • ACCT shelter has a program where you can arrange to have stray cats picked up, taken to the shelter where they will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, flea treated, and then returned back to where they were
  • The goal is to prevent more breeding of strays, but the shelter doesn’t have room for all the cats so they bring them back to where their “friends” are
  • Call: (215) 913-6013
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Lindsay has many extra door hangers with info… if you’d like to keep one let her know