Meeting Notes – December 6, 2016

Baynton Hill Neighbors Meeting – December 6, 2016

Neighbors present: Joe, Lindsay, Priscilla


Waring House designation for Historic Register

Construction on Church Lane

Community Yard Sale

Redevelopment project at Cunningham Piano – petitioning City Council

Camera on Rufe St.

Waring House

  • Waring House at 48 E. Penn St. has been designated a historic building by the Philadelphia Historical Commission
  • Joe sent an application packet nominating the property for historic designation, with support from Germantown Historical Society. Joe also attended a public hearing.
  • Waring House LLC currently owns the property. The Phila Historic Commission sent letters to the address on file for the company, notifying of the application process, but they went to an empty building.
  • Historic designation requires that major work requiring permits, or intent of demolition, be approved by the Historical Commission
  • One of our neighbors, who runs the program giving out lunch to kids in the summer at Waring House, is just now learning about this and is concern to not have been notified or involved in the process.

Construction on Church Lane

  • The lot on Church between Baynton and Wakefield has construction occurring without permits posted
  • Joe called 311 and L & I should be sending out an inspector soon

Community Yard Sale

  • Priscilla’s idea to have a community yard sale in the spring
  • Maybe in front of Germantown Kitchen Garden to draw attention there, Priscilla is talking with Amanda about the idea
  • Could be used as a fundraiser for BHN if a small fee is charged to people who sell ($5)

Redevelopment project at Cunningham Piano

  • Ken Weinstein is redeveloping the building to include market rate apartments and restaurants MORE INFO HERE
  • Prior to last meeting, Joe wrote a letter to the City Planning Commission on behalf of BHN to convey disappointment about their disregard of the RCO (Registered Community Organization) process to hear and approve of developments, as well as the zoning re-mapping that was presented during the meeting without prior notice.
  • BHN will write a petition to City Council proposing alterations to the redevelopment plan, followed by a group effort to collect signatures.
  • Concerns brought up during our meeting to note in the petition:
    • Amount of parking for new additions of residential and commercial use
    • Proper trash disposal
    • Maintaining and giving new attention to historic features

Camera on Rufe St.

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  • An idea from a local RCO to start a CDC for the local RCOs in order to acquire funding
  • An idea to join with the group on the other side of Germantown to form something like “Penn Knox Wister neighborhood”
  • Winter Market at Germantown Kitchen Garden this Saturday and Sunday, December 10 and 11 from 10am-3pm

Next meeting: Tuesday, February 7 @ 7:00, location TBD