notes from meeting 02/23/2016


Special Guests Becca Fagan and John DiGiulio from PWD

Re: PWD Work Stoppage:

There was a dispute between a local Imam and the contractor. The construction was impacting the Imam’s businesses, and he was demanding money, there were scheduled protests. It delayed the time frame (scheduled for October 2015).

The original sewer was in worse condition, taking an extra month. There was also bedrock that was unaccounted for. The original work called for trench restoration (only replacing the section that has been damaged), it looked like more than 50% had been upset, so PWD decided to do curb to curb. Scheduled for completion next week. There is also scheduled a small section between Lena and Wakefield, which will be done in 2 months.

One neighbor was upset about the litter and dumping increase. Trash hasn’t been collected for months. The agreement with the contractors is that the contractors will help move the trash outside the construction zone.

Neighbor: because contractors are storing materials there, the dumping has gotten worse. They’re not picking up after themselves.

Neighbor: How far are they coming on Baynton? A: No work on Baynton St.

Cars drive down, and turn around. Are there guidelines about traffic flow? A: I will request additional signs about the traffic.

Neighbor: What condition are the streets being left in? They are filled with dirt, but not asphalt. A: There’s not a requirement to plate. Temporary asphalt is used sometimes, but that gets more complaints. Water Department is increasing their own regulations.

Neighbor: They never put up detour signs. CCT Connect and taxis won’t come down. Chestnut Hill didn’t have this problem. A: Streets does not change directions or make them two way. We have about 8 contractors, some are better than others. We are going through our own requirements for quality of life.

BHN is grateful for the proposed changes and supports an increase in standards for contractors.

Neighbor: A bus hit my car. My wife’s car is in danger. There’s no signs. The contractors are going the wrong way up the street.

Neighbor: Queen Lane used to be 2 way. Now it’s one way. A: They won’t make it two-way.

The timeline for completion: 2 months