Meeting Minutes: August 19th, 2014

Attendance: Matt & Amanda, Rick, Ross,  Chris & Helen, Jesse

WCRP – Collom St (

  • 35+ townhouse development proposed, w/ parking and community center and possible community garden spot.
  • LIHTC financing will be used, which means that they homes will be rented for at least 15 years, afterwards could be sold.
  • Primary candidates for tenants are families, who go through a screening process including criminal background for 80% GMI (family of 4 ~ 45k/yr).
  • WCRP manages the properties.
  • Construction starting in late 2015 if process goes on schedule.
  • On average, tenets of 5 years or more are able to increase income by 70%
  • Currently conducting a “listening project” about peoples experiences & hopes for living in Germantown.

Betsy from Mt. Airy TimeBank (

  • Meant to re-weave communities and promote social good.
  • Eventual goal is to help establish communities and sort of fade away, not associated with ‘monetary’ value,  only time spent providing services is accrued at the same rate.
  • Time 4 Time has about 200 members.
  • Might be able to become part of a larger banking system which lets you stay a local organization but spend time credits elsewhere.
  • Unlike barter system, IRS has declared time banking non-taxable.
  • Invites our members to join to see how we like the system.
  • Northwest Philly FixIt cafe is looking for volunteers.

Expanded Boundaries

  • Boundaries are expanded Church & Bringhurst to Germantown Ave

240 E Penn St / RHD

  • No Updates

234 E Penn St

  • It has been indicated to us that this is approaching a priority for L&I

5301 Germantown Ave

  • Community drafted letter was signed and sent by many local community groups.   A response was received from L&I stating that the use of a shelter is appropriate for “Safety Services”.  We feel that this is against the spirit of the zoning code and Cindy Bass was notified and claims to be introducing legislation to reword the change.

Micro Grants

  • RCO can apply for $100-1000 grants for beautification projects in Germantown.
  • 6 grants have been awarded.
  • Generate ideas to bring to the group!

Next meeting 9/9/2014