Meeting Minutes: March 11th, 2014

PWD Stormwater Project

  • Two neighborhood projects: Wister Woods and K? Park
  • Rain gardens being installed in parks to act a rainwater filtration and sequestration system to reduce CSO issues.
  • Construction will likely start around March 24th
  • Water should drain within 72 hours, quick enough to not have mosquito problems
  • Overflow systems will divert back to sewer system, so no flooding
  • Nicolas DelColal (?) is point of contact
  • Projects will be maintained as normal infrastructure, including trash/dumping cleanup.
  •, Connie Chang would review.  Apply as group, with connections listed.
  • No additional amenities will be added as part of construction
  • RainCheck, program for CSO residents that help pay for stormwater reduction projects

 Sarah K. Small Business Survey

  • Gauging interest types of business that people would want to spend their money on.
  • General interest in anything, including cafe, grocery store, etc.
  • Local art, night time events, booze(?), internet access

Brotherly Love @ 234 E Penn St

  • By appearance, it seems there is a rehab house operating
  • L&I has been called and issues filed
  • As an RCO, our members have expressed opposition.  They are running a website which appears to be the house in question which claims to be operating as Brotherly Love.

Waring House

  • Contacts are being made to the current owners
  • Trying to register it as a historical house, will there be a detriment to future rehab work?

Spring Cleanup

  • April 5th, we’ll be signing up for the usual area, around
  • Gtown Restoration CDC, RCO meeting wants to meet up to discuss the cleanup – March 24th

Germantown Kitchen Garden

  • Farmstand is opening in May!
  • will have details in the future

Wakefield & Penn St House Collapse

  • Steve Porreca, Construction compliance supervisor (215) 685-2276


  • Ross will send out primer on Brotherly Love situation for use in calling L&I
  • Next meeting is May 6th