Meeting Minutes: February 11th, 2014


Ross, Matt, Amanda, Nikki, Michael & Melissa, Corrie, Tommy McCann, Carol, Nate & Evalyn Wells, Tom, Chris & Helen Nicholson, Chris & Kathy P., Glen B

SEPTA Meadow Project, Guest Tommy McCann from PSU Extension

  • Tries to get Faculty/Students from State College to work on projects in Philadelphia
  • Suggests possible partnerships with SEPTA, PWD, PSU and neighborhood groups possibly including  stormwater mitigation
  • Tommy will check with staff at PSU for interest and follow up with shared contacts from the group
  • There was general consensus that we would like to see whatever level of participation he can provide.
  • Church St Garden is working with PHS to provide similar stormwater strategies.


  • New Mailchimp system for email

  • Carol *may* be able to provide some graphic design support for a new logo

  • New website is needed to get timely updates from meeting


  • NW Neighbors association held a Queen Ln Stn meeting to discuss crime situations, were turned down for a mini-station

  • We are PSA-2/14th district, the liaison of our district holds a monthly meeting and we are encouraged to post questions and follow up with the police or our state representatives who have relationships with the police.

  • NW Neighbors are tracking their emails with the police and tracking crime themselves to try and keep the police accountable.

  • Germantown Ave used to have a mini-station, but apparently the Commissioner is against deploying any new stations.

  • Philly Rising is a program for chronic crime areas and may be something we should do look into.

  • Both systematic (decriminalization & gun laws) and immediate (actual shootings) problems were discussed and there are some lukewarm feelings towards the police’s ability to address the situation.

234 & 240 E Penn St

  • Still trying to pass the petition around

  • Someone is living there now, but it still seems stalled as for the group home plans


  • Milli’s hideout is turning into a corner store
  • RCO Application

    • Denied, but having to reapply as per new city regulation

  • Spring Cleanup Day: April 5th, 2014
  • Possible new meeting space

  • Wister Townhouses community center was suggested (Kathy)
    • GTF Meeting house (Ross)

  • Grumblethorpe Flea Market, 1st Sat April – October

  • Little Jimmy’s Coffee Co & Roasting is opening on the Maplewood Mall, Feb 14th.

  • PWD Stormwater project at Kembel Park


  1. Carol may be able to help with logo graphics

  2. Matt will look into website

  3. Tommy will consider options for the meadow

  4. Melissa, Amanda & Ross might do a PSA meeting in February or come up with actionable crime related items

  5. Meeting space (Ross, Kathy)