Meeting Minutes: October 1st, 2013

Baynton Hill Neighbors

Called to order @ 7:08pm


  • SEPTA fence art work is stockpiled at Rich’s house
  • Soliciting contact info for the surrounding apt. complexes
  • Germantown RCO Collective has invited us to a cross neighborhood group of community group.

SEPTA visits

  • Community relations representatives came to discuss Wister Station
  • Apologises for the state of the landscaping, will keep on top of it. Please let them know if it happens again.
  • Replacing damaged wrought iron fence with an ‘estate fence’, six foot high aluminum, should be up soon.
  • Kids are throwing rocks off the overpass at Belfield. If you witness, call police.
  • Police are being more responsive to SEPTA needs
  • Additional signage is being put together for the Rufe St side of the station.
  • Who should we call when there are nuisance or unsafe crowds? Notify police of time/places and they will put it on their regular patrol.
  • Could LaSalle be interested in providing security box or other security efforts
  • Q: Extend the inbound-side road from Wister Street? A: No plans at this time. Bollards are in place to prevent dumping.
  • 580-7800: messages will be sent to police.
  • Can we get organized for a group/escort for the people getting off at the station?
  • Concern about the herbacide use. SEPTA: we are mostly mandated to spray to keep things clear.
  • Q: Community adoption? Could we have access to open space for plantings? A: We are open to collaboration if certain legal requirements are met.
  • Form a commitee to discuss care of landscapable areas

234 E Penn St

  • Brotherly love house was discussed at last meeting.
  • Email was read from Cindy Bass’ office, she will not support their request.
  • Rep. Kinsey representative email was read, he will not support their request.
  • Gtown CDC (local RCO) will let us host a zoning change meeting, and they will support our stance.
  • Work seems to have stopped, have said all options are on the table.
  • A draft petition was read to state our opposition to the current plan as a residence treatment facility.
    • An updated draft will be produced based on feedback.
  • A proposal to get a zoning lawyer was pitched, without much feedback.
  • We should watch the zoning schedule to make sure we see any adjustment requests.
  • We are happy that there are no squaters living in there this summer.

Announcement/Job Opportunities

  • Penn St house was demolished, partial across the st.
  • Car breakins at the apt complex on Baynton, seems like their coming from the railroad side.