Meeting Minutes: July 30th, 2013

Baynton Hill Neighbors Association

July 30, 2013

In Attendance: Amanda Staples, Matt McFarland, Chris & Helen Nicholson, Ross Henessey, Tom, Alexa, Rick, Dorsey


5345 Baynton St
  • We believe Michael Holland has a successful bid on the Baynton St lot.
  • Glenn Bergman is still interested in the lot, but we have not heard directly from him.
Wister Station
  • Septa/City came by and cleaned up the Rufe St approach to the Wister Station
  • Ross wants a sign to indicate the station entrance
House for Sale
  • Our friends at 410 E Bringhurst are selling their house. Polling for interest.
  • Matt is putting together a website to host our meeting notes.
  • Are email addresses available for officers? – Yes
  • We should put up a form for people to sign up.
RCO with City
  • Bylaws, schedule, boundaries are required.
  • We need to pick a recurring date for meetings so the city can post on their calendar.
    • First Tuesday of the month, skip Aug 6th
Issues with draft/current bylaws
  • Consensus votes – should apply to all decisions,
  • Voting Memberships: A membership list should be kept which defines the voting members, which require meeting attendence (50% of meetings in last 6 months)
  • Non-voting, generally interested in the group and meet eligibility requirements
  • Quorum Requirement for Vote
  • Lower the age requirments to 16
  • Presidental term limits? Debated no confidence votes vs regular elections.
  • Election of Officers: Majority Vote
  • Change of Bylaws: Consensus – 1
  • Dispensing of Funds: Consensus – 1
  • All things but elections: Consensus – 1
  • Quorum Amount: 51% of Voting Members must be present for a vote
  • Membership/Attendance lists must be kept at each meeting
  • Term Limits: tabled until next meeting
Group Expansion
  • Empower the group to invite neighbors to our meetings
Neighborhood Potluck
  • Sept. 15th, 2013 – before dark (5pm)
  • Front yard BBQ/Picnic
Wakefield Block captain was contacted: Florence Palmer
Discussed helping as a group with the derelict house next to Tom (143 E Coulter St)

Next meeting: 9/3/2013

Action Items
  • (Amanda, Matt) Gun Violence form letter
  • (Matt) Email address/system
  • People will contact lawyerly people for help
  • Can we use relaim philly for “hotspot” map?