Meeting Minutes: June 13th, 2013

Baynton Hill Neighbors Association

June 13, 2013

In Attendance: Amanda Staples, Matt McFarland, Chris & Helen Nicholson, Ross Henessey, Tom ???, Darcy

What do you like and dislike about your neighborhood?

Things people like : Quiet, Trees, Friendliness of neighbors, Old architecture, Contrast of City/Country look and feel

Things people don’t like : Violence, blight, stupid street trees, trash/litter, lack of resturants

Agenda Items

  • We would like to finally approve the bylaws. The city has possibly changed the applicaiton process to be a little easier.
    • Reviewed the proposed bylaws
    • By next meeting (July) we will formalize a document, feedback is requested by the end of June
  • 5345 baynton St (Empty Lot).
    • Michael Holland is moving into Penn St awaiting his negotiations with the city on this lot.
    • Glen B. has expressed interest in the lot as well and was upset to discover there were plans in the works for it.
    • We encourage attendence at BHNA meetings to discuss these issues.
    • The group has no formal response or endorsement, however we can act as a forum to hear plans and provide individual feedback.
  • Block Captain
    • Ross has not gotten his signature yet for his candidacy, so no movement yet
    • Coulter St captain could not be located, no official captain is registered
  • Gun Violence
    • Shooting on Wakefield/Coulter.
    • Apparently shooting started blocks away and continued to Wakefield. Police reported no injuries.
    • Wondering what we can do, options aren’t apparent. We’d like to send letters to those in the city whose jobs regard public safety.
  • Contacts in local apartment
    • The current group members would like to establish more contacts with the residents of the apartments on the block
    • Should we have a block party/neighborhood party?
  • Road Construction (New Pipes)
    • New gas line on Church Ln on Baynton Ave.
    • We don’t know how much construction, or how long it will last, or what the street closures will be like.
  • 234 E Penn St Auction
    • Up for auction on June 2?. The Jukowski’s are interested in attending to see what happens and possibly make a bid
  • Email policy
    • Privacy policy for emails, no change. Emails will remain public.
  • The art work on Rufe St is covered with weeds, we’d like to free them up again
  • Announcment for the “Imperfect Gallery”’s fundraising effort.
  • Maplewood mall has several events the next two weekends regarding Juneteenth and also the revitalization of the mall.
  • Proposed new meeting date: Monday July 15th, 7pm

Action Items:

  • (Matt) Make a map of our boundaries for the bylaws document
  • (All) Review bylaws document and provide feedback via email by July 1st
  • (Ross) Check Wakefield, Penn, Lena St block captains
  • (Matt) Draft letters for local politician regarding our conern for gun violence
  • (Matt) Chop up some weeds around the art work on Rufe St