Meeting Minutes: March 28th, 2013

Baynton Hill Neighbors Association

March 28th, 2013

Attendance: Chris & Helen, Matt & Amanda, Ross, Chris & Emile, P., Rick & Alexa, Tom, Dorcey, Alice(?)


  • Ross was “nominated” for Block Captain, he will look into 200 block of E. Coulter to see if there is one.
  • AVI discussion of how the new tax structure is affecting the local undeveloped land. GKG farm and Paulmier’s woodlot are increasing beyond generally considered market values. We will discuss possible actions we could take as a group.
  • Michael Holland’s proposal was discussed. There is lingering concern over development of open space. No decisions have been arrived at.
  • Alexa revised the bylaws. The boundaries of the group are still in question. How should we approach reaching out to residents of the proposed boundaries? A smaller area would be easier to manage and have less interaction with the commercial issues of Germantown and Chelten Ave. However, there are some members who are very interested in being involved in the commercial aspect. Trying to avoid an overlap with Wakefield 49ers, we are leaning towards Bringhurst to Church, Rail Road tracks to Lena
  • Anti dumping regulations are being discussed out of Cindy Bass’ office. We want to support the measure.
  • Chris N is officially “against dumping”
  • Robberies at 5313 Baynton. 2 cars were broken into in the house parking lot. Several bikes and other items were taken from the porch, house window was broken. We’re hoping for more communication on the block. Adding additional motion detecting lights, getting to know people.
  • City wide clean-up, April 13th. Tires on Rufe st are gone, no one knows who’s taken. We’d like to focus on Rufe St by the tracks. Alexa will take the lead to organize with city officials. Dorcey will make fliers, and we’ll distribute. Amanda will do wakefield. Helen will get Queen Lane, Alice(?) will do her apartment, Alexa will do the train area. Chris P. will do Penn St.
  • It was brought up as a reminder that John’s Market is a good resource to have and to keep in mind when considering your shopping needs.