Meeting Minutes: February 28th, 2013

Baynton Hill Neighbors Association

February 28th, 2013

In attendance: Tom, Dorsey, Chris, Rick, Alexa, Matt, Michael, Ross


  • Michael seeks support for 5345 Baynton St, details plans for a small house to be built on the property. Strong concern about losing a natural area, also about other potential and less desirable uses that may come for the lot now that there is a process in place. Thanks to Michael for coming to speak with us

Link to Michael’s letter

  • APRIS truck has pre-emptively moved away, although there is some concern that the owner suspects neighbors may have damaged the truck.
  • RCO – Boundaries discussion, do not want to overlap with Wakefield 49ers. Chelten Ave, Germantown, Queen Lane to train tracks. Alexa will update the bylaws for the next meeting.
  • Clean-up, March 23rd. Ross will find out who can deal with the tire situation.
  • Matt showed the L&I Violation map
  • Ross suggests a map with a boundary which we can annotate.
  • Dorsey brought up some howling dogs in the area, to see if anyone knows where they’re coming from. We suspect maybe from Church Ln direction.
  • Flyers for the block cleanup? Dorsey was volunteered to come with one.

Next meeting: March 28th at 5318 Baynton St. 7:00pm.