Meeting Minutes: July 08th, 2014

Attendance: Matt & Amanda, Rick & Alexa, Ross, Joe M., Kirsten,  Chris & Helen, Jesse, Jenna

240 E Penn St (RHD)

  •  Research into an address for the owner so that the city can serve court papers, no word if it has actually happened
  •  L&I remains hopeful they can process the violations

234 E Penn St

  • L&I has been denied access to inspect the property
  • Cindy Bass has been notified (again) who has forwarded complaint to L&I commissioner.
  • Brotherly Love House has restricted access to their website

5301 Germantown Ave

  • Letters to Cindy Bass are being circulated regarding our suspicion that the property has improper zoning
  • Building had a fire last week.
  • Jenna suspects the street might be closing illegally
  • Sarah’s cafe is launching a Kickstarter
  • Ross is meeting next week for a 1-on-1 with Ken W.Issues:
  • Trash location, Smoking, codes for dealing with that many people, loading dock (use of sidewalks), contact information for management offices, will they have contact with the neighborhood, safety/security from potential abusers seeking access, potential reuse of the building (apts) after the “next step” of development occurs, forcing residents to speculate rather than having dialog and addressing issues,  parking/traffic, improperly zoned as safety services rather than group living,

Extending BHN Boundaries

  • Extend our boundaries to Germantown Ave – all agree.

Waring House

  • Historic Designation: Joe does not believe it add restrictions to renovations, only that they can advise when applying for a building permit.  Will not prevent demolition, would only be used to inform the owners that they have an exceptional/important property.
  • Concern about it being impediment to rehab, if it raises the cost of materials.
  • No action will be taken as a group, but it is likely the individual members will proceed with getting the designation applied.
  • Frank, a local builder with historical renovation experience, might be consulted.
  • Rick has noticed bake sales and work groups doing landscaping.

Executive Team Update

  • Looking to expand the executive officers with more people from the neighborhood.

Rufe Meadow

  • Stalled out for now, looking for new partners to collaborate with.

Time Bank

  • Jesse attending a time bank workshop
  • A time bank exists in Mt. Airy already, no members from Germantown yet.
  • Anyone can join, an email will be distributed among the group

Mosquito Control

  • Flyers are distributed detailing instructions on placing Bt in water sources to kill mosquito larva.

Tire Rounup

  • Tires are piled up on Rufe St, the city has a program to have citizens drop them off and get paid $0.50 per tire for an RCO.
  • July 19th we will assemble to pick up the tires

Collom St Project

  • WCRP is putting up 40 twins on Wister/Collom, and looking for feedback.

Next Meeting: August 19th