Meeting Minutes: May 13th, 2014

5301 Germantown Ave – Ken W. & Sarah K.

  • Developing campus at 4811 Germantown Ave, Germantown & Roberts and 2 more on Old Stenton Rd
  • Proposed: Health food cafe & Community space in the ground floor of the renovated residential space.
  • Residential ‘Group Home’ non-profit of some sort is likely going into the building, but Ken is unwilling to make any comment.
  • Market rate apartments will make up residential portion.
  • Entire project should be completed by the end of summer 2014

New Location – Kathy

  • New meeting location at Wister Recreation Center, same time.  Address will be updated on the website when we know it.

New Officers – Ross

  • New officers needed for President.  Matt, Jim and Ross will meet as a small committee to discuss a process.

Time Bank – Jesse

  • – do a service for somebody, receive a “time dollar” which can be redeemed for work from other time-bankers.
  • Jesse will volunteer to coordinate and canvas the neighborhood in service of it

240 E Penn St – Joe

  • Group/Service home operates without proper zoning.
  • Joe attended hearing, spoke with Assistant City Solicitor who said Municipal Court would be for assigning fines for code infractions.
  • It is unclear as to the exact nature of the organization at the property
  • We believe there is not proper zoning, and we would like to be notified when they do.  We oppose a change a variance without a presentation or hearing to the group.

234 E Penn

  • An L&I Inspector is scheduled to walk through the house.  We suspect they may be moving out furniture prior to the inspection.

Waring House – Joe

  • Researching ownership, but is a murky situation.
  • Joe would like to submit the house for Historic Certification
  • Ross is concerned that it would impose too strict a cost for future rehabilitation.

Next meeting is June 3rd @ Wister Rec Center